4 types of 100% natural clay

25+ masks

that make your skin so smooth

US Facial Clay Masks 1

Ditch the chemicals and preservatives and go 100% natural, without the nasties, with our highest quality clay face masks! 

US Facial Clay Masks 1

What’s included

We guarantee you will love these face masks and won’t want to go back to masks filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

US Facial Clay Masks 3

4 types of Clay

From around the world, each clay acts a little different, included is Rhassoul from Moroco, Bentonite from US, Kaolin and French Green from France.

US Facial Clay Masks 4

BONUS: Brush

Save product and make it a spa-like experience with the BONUS face mask application brush. 

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What will clay help with?

Clay has some pretty cool science behind how it works, basically, because it’s negatively charged the mineral rich clay paste swaps minerals with bad toxins from your skin.

US Facial Clay Masks 7

Fight Acne Breakouts

Stop nasty acne breakouts in their tracks before they happen.

US Facial Clay Masks 8

Cleanses those pores

Adsorbs impurities like dirt, excess oil, dead skin cells from your pores making those pesky things appear smaller.

US Facial Clay Masks 9

Balance complexion

You will be amazed at how smooth your skin is, seriously.

US Facial Clay Masks 10

Detoxify for Intense Clean

Basically all that gunk that gets clogged in your pores.

what our customers say

5 Star Review for Facial Clay Masks

I love this product ❤️ it works, feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Thanks for the creation of this natural facial magic ????❤️

Sophia, Facebook Review

This will forever be a staple for me. After 6 treatments it has done more wonders than I could’ve ever imagined. I was so excited to see a sample pack and get to try different clays I did not even know existed. Love Love Love it

Tracy, Facebook Review

say no to chemicals in our skincare products
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