Facial Clay Assortment Pack



✅ BONUS: Includes a face mask brush for application
✅ 100% natural, there’s only 1 ingredient — Clay!  No additives, no preservatives, no chemicals
✅ Detoxify your skin with a super deep cleanse
✅ Removes chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals and impurities from your pores
✅ Improves the appearance of pores, tightens your skin
✅ Balance skin complexion
✅ Fight acne and lessen the appearance of long time acne scars
✅ Includes 4 types of clay: Indian Healing Clay, Green Clay, Rhassoul Clay and Kaolin Clay
✅ Makes up to 25 masks!

Disclaimer: For external use only. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Test a small test patch prior to full application.

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100% Natural

No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Additives

There’s only 1 ingredients in our masks —- Clay!!


Make 20 face mask applications!

That’s $1 a mask!

Assortment Pack is Great for Girls Night!  There’s a clay mask for all!

With a clay that’s works with all skin types.  There are 4 types of clay, that also work for acne, oily, sensitive skin types. 

Facial Clay Assortment Pack 1

Includes 4 types of Clay:

1.75 oz each, NET WT 7 oz

bentonite clay


Super charged clay that absorbs heavy metals, toxins, bacteria and chemicals. Learn more.

Facial Clay Assortment Pack 2


Mined from the rich Atlas Mountain in Moroco, Rhassoul clay is great for oily skin

Facial Clay Assortment Pack 3


A serious deep pore cleanse.  Plus will make those pesky pores appear smaller

Facial Clay Assortment Pack 4


The super white clay, but not to be dismissed, a detoxifying clay for sensitive skin

Facial Clay Assortment Pack 5


Face Mask Brush included

When applying facial clay masks, don’t use metals, use the facial mask brush to apply to your skin.  Mix with equal parts water, apply to your face for approx 20 minutes (5-10 minutes for sensitive skin).

Facial Clay Assortment Pack 19.97
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Weight7.9 oz
Dimensions1.14 × 5.14 × 8.13 in

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