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Power Almond & Rhassoul Clay Revitalizing Mask

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Let´s face it, we are half-way through spring but our skins can´t recover yet from the winter blues. For some strange reason, they do not seem to be able to bounce back to their normal state.

Xerosis, the medical term for abnormally dry skin[1], is the natural result of lower humidity levels and windy conditions present in winter[2]. Not to mention that we also increase our use of heaters and take more hot baths/showers than ever.

We were clearly setting ourselves up for failure and now we have to deal with the  consequences of water loss from the skin: cracking, itching, flaking, dullness, redness and rough patches.

All our skin spring woes are just an aftermath of not properly protecting and nourishing our skins during winter.

There is no need to panic, though, as we have come up with the perfect solution to counteract all the nasty side-effects:

our Power Almond & Moroccan Clay Revitalizing Face Mask.

Power Almond & Rhassoul Clay Revitalizing Mask 1

What’s inside the mask? 

For this lovely recipe, here’s the ingredients we will need:

  • Almond flour
  • Rhassoul (Moroccan) clay
  • Matcha green tea powder
  • Raw honey
  • Ripe banana

You can get Rhassoul Clay as one of the 4 types of clay in our clay mask assortment pack ????????

Why we chose these ingredients:

If you think the mask looks like a complete mismatch, I wouldn´t blame you because it is literally all over the place. We have ingredients from the tropics, Asia, California and North Africa.

Power Almond & Rhassoul Clay Revitalizing Mask 2

When we blend them, however, their synergy produces exactly the opposite effect to that of the winter blues: a hydrated, luminous, smooth, soft and younger looking complexion.

Rest assured that we have based our choice on scientific facts and we did not pick the ingredients at random. Anything that comes into direct contact with your skin should be thoroughly researched, even if it is natural.

Why almonds are great for your skin

Our first pick is almond flour and, no, it is not just about sloughing off dead skin cells. Almonds are chock-full of vitamin E[3] which can help regenerate the skin and shield it from the pro-aging and carcinogenic effects of UV radiation[4]

Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) are also present in almonds at high concentrations.  They have been shown to replenish the skin´s precious barrier oils as well as restoring its plumpness[5].

If those properties were not impressive enough for you, wait till you hear about almond´s super antioxidant cocktail!

Compounds such as catechin, epicatechin, isorhamnetin, kaempferol and quescetin can mop up free radicals associated with inflammation, premature aging and skin cancer[5].

Power Almond & Rhassoul Clay Revitalizing Mask 3

Next, comes Rhassoul.

This light-brown clay is mined from the Atlas Mountains of North Eastern Morocco and has been used since the 8th century[6].

Rhassoul, or Ghassoul, means to wash

So it is not surprising at all that this clay is able to effectively draw out impurities/excess oil, reduce pore size, neutralize toxic substances and exfoliate the surface of the skinmatc[7].

Rhassoul has immediate calming, brightening and rejuvenating benefits because of the high mineral content.  Including:

  • high levels of calcium
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • silica

Matcha waiting for?

Our third ingredient on the list is matcha and I bet you are gonna love it! Simply put, matcha is green tea powder made by growing the Camellia sinensis plant in the shade.

This process is responsible for its bright green color as well as its higher epicatechin and epigallocatechin content (ultra potent polyphenolic antioxidants)[8].

Topically speaking, matcha can help improve inflammatory conditions, even out skin tone, and protect the skin against cancer[9].

Enter the benefits of honey.

Do we really need to say anything about the almighty honey? Seriously, raw honey boasts like a zillion properties and most people are familiarized with them.

For mask purposes, though, I would say that this rich golden liquid is one of the most amazing humectant, antimicrobial, healing agent that you will find in Nature[10].

Eczema, papules, pustules, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, you name it, honey will always come to the rescue! Just in case you were interested, honey will help lock in all the moisture on the skin´s surface[10].

Nicknamed the Botox Fruit.

The final ingredient of the mask might come in as a shock. We all know that bananas are one of the best potassium sources out there, but we rarely see them as part of a cosmetic formulation.

Here is the scoop on bananas: they act as natural moisturizers that balance sebum secretion and regenerate the skin[11]. Some experts claim they can produce a temporary botox-like effect.

Bananas contain over 40 phenolic antioxidants with a wide array of therapeutic uses[12]. Not only can they fight off microbes and skin cancer, but they can also minimize inflammation[13].

What´s more, these antioxidants have been found to stimulate collagen and elastin, inhibit melanin (skin pigment) formation, promote wound healing and prevent solar radiation damage[13].

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After this brief and informative “paper” on fresh ingredients, who is ready to join the beauty kitchen revolution and whip up our out of this world mask?


You will need:

Power Almond & Rhassoul Clay Revitalizing Mask 4

How to Mix 

If you love watching those fast forward recipe videos, good news! I made you one for this rhassoul face mask recipe.

Slice a couple slices of banana.  Mash either with a banana or add to a small spice blender. 

Add the honey and mix together. 

In a seperate bowl, mix the rhassoul clay with the almond powder and matcha powder. 

Add dry ingredients to the banana and honey and mix together.  Mix together until a smooth paste.  You might need to add more clay or liquid until a smooth consistency. 

For a smooth application this mask should be a bit on the watery side.  

Power Almond & Rhassoul Clay Revitalizing Mask 5

Application Techniques

If this is your first time using a clay mask, I’ve put together more information on how to use a clay mask here.

Here are some quick pro tips: 


  • It always works best for me mixing the dry ingredients first and then the liquid ones, that way I can determine if I need more of the latter.
  • I prefer to stick to wooden and glass tools for blending. 
  • As textures of fruits can vary from one piece to another, it is possible that you need to adjust the amounts of the other ingredients. The key is getting a homogenous paste that is not too runny or thick.
  • The mask should be applied on cleansed skin (face, neck and décolleté) and left on for 5-15 minutes. To remove, wipe the skin clean, use a soft cloth dampened with tepid water. Pat the skin dry afterwards.
  • One the mask has been removed, take the banana peel and massage the face, neck and décolleté with its inside (using a circular motion) for approximately 1 minute.
  • Let the skin absorb its benefits and after the mask, finish by layering the natural/organic toner and moisturizer of your choice.


What if I have a nut allergy/intolerance?
According to the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology “a food intolerance occurs when a person has difficulty digesting a particular food. This can lead to symptoms such as intestinal gas, abdominal pain or diarrhea[14].”

In a food allergy, on the other hand, “your immune system overreacts to a particular protein found in that food. Even a microscopic amount of the food has the potential to lead to a serious or life-threatening reaction alled anaphylaxis[15].

If you are intolerant to nuts, their topical application you shouldn´t cause you any issues whatsoever unless you end up ingest the mask. An allergy, nevertheless, means that you must not have any type of exposure to them.

Those of you are allergic to nuts can still reap the benefits of the mask by replacing the almond flour with equal amounts of sunflower seed flour or oatmeal (preferably gluten-free).

Banana and Almond Flour Face Mask Recipe

Power Almond Revitalizing Rhassoul Mask

Yield: 2
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 8 minutes

Face mask designed for hydrated, luminous, smooth, soft and younger looking complexion.


  • 1 tsp Almond flour
  • 1 tbps Rhassoul clay
  • 1/4 tsp Matcha green tea powder
  • 1 tsp Raw honey
  • 1/2 tablespoon Mashed (or blended) ripe banana
  • 5 tsp water
  • Banana peel


  1. Slice a couple slices of banana.  Mash either with a banana or add to a small spice blender. 
  2. Add the honey and mix together. 
  3. In a separate bowl, mix the rhassoul clay with the almond powder and matcha powder. 
  4. Add dry ingredients to the banana and honey and mix together.  Mix together until a smooth paste.  Add more clay or liquid until a smooth consistency. 
  5. For a smooth application this mask should be a bit on the watery side. 

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