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Can I use a Clay Mask Overnight?

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I’m sure you have heard the phrase in skincare product marketing, this product will heal your skin overnight. I’ve definitely seen these words touted for bentonite healing clay. 

But does that mean a clay mask can be used overnight? 

These days, people are far more concerned about skincare and aging than ever before. The rising level of pollution and stress does take a toll on us. As a result our skin looks tired and worn out by the end of the day.

So it’s not unreasonable to think slathering our faces with goodness while we pack in our beauty sleep will do wonders. 

Let’s explore if you can use a clay mask overnight as a mask or as a spot treatment. 


In summary

Can I sleep in a Clay Mask?

There are many overnight or “sleeping” masks present in the market. Those are targeted towards hydrating your skin while you sleep. A clay mask is not for this purpose.

Clay masks are drying in nature and are used for absorbing unwanted oil from your skin. Leaving it on overnight on your entire face, will rob your skin with all its moisture.

What is the best time of day to use a clay mask?

Clays are versatile. You can use them in many different ways, whenever you want. But the best time to give yourself a clay mask treatment is at night. Your skin will be free on all impurities before you go to bed.

Can I use as a spot treatment overnight?

Natural clay’s drying nature with its many anti-bacterial properties makes it an ideal spot treatment.  Dab clay paste just on top of a break out and leave it for several minutes is all that’s required. The clay will help tone down the inflammation and help clear out the pimple faster.  Do not leave your spot treatment on overnight.

For some lucky people, acne remains a “teenage problem”. While for many, it goes way into adulthood. Long working hours and city pollution does not help at all.

This is the reason I always find myself running back to my clay masks.

After all, we need to take the day off our faces before we go to sleep.

So if you still aren’t convinced about our answer here’s more about leaving your clay on overnight.

Can I sleep overnight in a clay mask

Is it ok to leave a clay mask on overnight?

When I bought my first tub of the Bentonite healing clay, I did what I’m sure most people did. Just mix in with apple cider vinegar, slather it on my face and relax.

The mask would dry and crack into pieces like a draught ridden land. My thought process was, the longer I leave it on, the more benefits I should get.

Read more: How long to leave a clay mask on

Clay particles work like a sponge, they draw impurities and oil out of your pores.

Here’s how to use a clay mask, in short, keeping a face mask on for longer is a major no no.

If the clay is left for longer duration, as it dries, clay starts absorbing the natural moisture from your skin.

This can cause the skin to lose essential moisture leading to dehydration. The surface will becomes dry and flakey.

Dehydrated skin also looks tired and dull. Excessive drying out of skin also leads to rebound oil production to combat that dryness. These are all the thing we don’t want our skincare to do.

Therefore, leaving a clay mask on overnight on the entire face, would a terrible idea to say the least.

Don’t even leave it until it’s completely dry. 10 minutes is more than enough for most people.

Most people think more is better, but when it comes to face masks, this is not the case.

Pro Tip: Don’t use a clay mask everyday, here’s often to do a clay face mask

What is the best time to apply a clay mask?

Clays are oil-clearing, detoxifying treatments.

They are meant to deeply cleanse the skin off all the impurities and product buildup.

After a long tiring day, most skin experts tell us it’s absolutely necessary to take off your makeup entirely. Any remaining product on the skin can cause our pores to clog. This will give you acne and blackheads.

The best time of day to apply a clay mask is at night. If we apply a clay mask at night after removing makeup, the clay will suck out any leftover product from your pores.

This makes sure we are not taking any mishap of the day to bed with us.

You can use the treatment in morning as well. But applying makeup on freshly cleaned pore may cause blockage. 

Can you use Bentonite Clay as a spot treatment?

Normally you would apply your clay mask all over your face. Even under your eyes if you promise to not let it dry.

But if you have an annoying little breakout or two, will an overnight spot treatment work?

I’ve always read about spot treatment with clay. The concept does make sense.

Most over the counter spot treatments work by drying out the pimple and fighting off germs. Both qualities are found in clay.

Clays are absorbent materials, they will suck out the oil clogging the skin. They also have anti-bacterial activity. In theory it should work like any other spot treatment on the market.

So the other night I had the biggest pimple in recent history just above my cheekbones. Making sure it grabs everyone’s attention.

It was inflamed and painful to touch. Although I didn’t notice any pus.

So I took my dry bentonite clay in my palm, just a small quantity. I added a few drops on ACV and dabbed in on, just covering the giant pimple. (Get the Bentonite + ACV directions)

It dried in about 7 minutes and I went to bed. 

I was pleasantly surprised in the morning that it did work. Yeah the pimple didn’t magically disappear. But the improvement was very noticeable.

There was no redness and the pain was gone. The bump also reduced in size. I’m sure if I continued this a few more days the results would be better every day.

There are studies which also proves the healing effect of clay on acne[1]. It unclogs the pore and fight of the germs causing you to break out.

So next time you have an uninvited guest show up. Try this zit zapping overnight spot treatment method a few times.

It doesn’t take much effort and the results speak for itself.

In summary,

Of all the acne fighting, oil reducing products blowing up our markets, clays are still preferred by many.

It’s natural, inexpensive and also very effective. Just like, or even better than many chemical ridden, costly products around.  (Get our facial clay assortment pack)

Clays are strong deep cleansing treatments. This is why we only leave it on for a few minutes. That is enough to get the full benefit out of your facial. Leaving it for any longer will result is excessive drying.

That being said, the excessive drying property can be used for spot treatment. Covering an angry break out with clay overnight will calm it down. This will also speed up the healing process of your skin.

Disclaimer: Our content does not constitute a dermatologist or medical advice.

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