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Should I use a Clay Mask before or after a shower?

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Taking care of your skin is an important part of practicing self-love. Pampering yourself rewires your brain into feeling more important and loved and it increases our self-worth.

The best way of making your skincare routine as effective as possible is not by increasing the number of products you use on a daily basis but by playing smart and understanding the science behind how and why a certain product works and how you can get the most out of it.

This way you can figure out exactly what your skin needs and how you can get the best use out of your favorite products.

At a glance, FAQ:

Will a shower open my pores?

Wrong, that’s just a myth. Sadly, a pore is just a part of your skin’s anatomy, there is no effective way of physically changing its size. Pores don’t respond to warmth or cold the way we were previously led to believe.

Is steaming my face a waste of time then?

No way, steaming your face still have loads of benefits. It helps in hydration and increases absorption of other products. It also softens up the blockage from your pores and makes them easier to clear away.

Should I apply mask before or after shower?

Since the skin is extra soft and accepting after a shower, it is the perfect time for your clay mask to work its magic. The softened up debris will clear up with more ease.  A clay mask is best after a shower.

When it comes to facial clay masks there are a very few ways you can actually go wrong. It’s such a forgiving product that there is a very low chance it’ll cause you any harm used in any way.

But there are certain very convenient ways you can get much more extraordinary benefits out of your clay. Applying these methods will guarantee that your skincare game is extra strong and you’re getting 100% worth your money and time.

One very important question most clay users both old and new have in mind is that what is the best time to use a clay mask?

Should I use a Clay Mask before or after a shower? 1

What happens to my pores when I take a shower? Do my pores open?

I used to believe in the old methods we usually notice in salons if we go to get any facials done. Those ladies will often steam our faces before cleansing and then putting on the mask.

In my mind, it made sense. We all know heat expands and cold contracts. So, maybe the purpose of the hot steam is to “open” my pores and then other products will find it easier to work inside them? It sounded very convincing. But as it turns out,

Myth: your pores do not “open and close”

Yes, it’s been a lie all those years. For years something which was so obvious in my head was in fact far from reality.

According to RD’s best health magazine, facial pores cannot be “opened” by steam, warm water or anything like that. There are no muscles surrounding the pore that can stretch it open with heat.

Should I use a Clay Mask before or after a shower? 2

Another common question is “how do you close your pores after a hot shower”?  Same thing!  Becuase they don’t open, your pores also don’t close.

The term “open pore” is just a pseudonym. It’s actually an enlarged pore which appears this way due to buildup and oil.

If this is all news to you, read more about another myth.  Can you shrink or tighten pores?

Is steaming my face still good for my pores?

So what happens when you take a hot shower?

Steam from the shower is still beneficial. The heat helps loosen up the debris clogged inside our pores which then becomes easier to clean. Steam increases permeability of the surface layer and boosts absorption of any products we apply on it.

Heat and warmth from the shower also hikes up blood circulation on the face, this brings in more nutrients, clears away dead cells and promotes healing process. So, steaming is actually very beneficial for our pores, just not in the way I thought it was.

Should I wash my face before or after a shower?

Keeping your face clean with a good face wash is a basic step in maintaining personal hygiene. It prevents growth of bacteria and removes all the dirt and smoke we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Normally a simple face wash is only used for superficial cleaning. It will not clear your blackheads or prevent acne in most cases. But a warm shower can help your face wash to be much more effective.

As the steam softens up the impacted dirt and buildup on the face, it becomes much easier to clean away.

It goes without saying (I hope) that you should always cleanse your skin before applying a face mask.

What about clay masks? Should I use my clay mask before or after a shower?

The question still remains, if a shower has no effect in opening or closing up of pores then why does it matter if we use our clay masks before or after shower.

A warm shower, just like sitting in a sauna, helps dilate blood vessels on your skin and also increases the hydration of our top most layer. It makes the skin more permeable and accepting to whatever product we use on our face. 

So yes! That makes after a shower a great time to bring out our facial clay masks.

The soft post shower skin is in perfect state to absorb all the nutrients and minerals. The loosened up dirt and sebum inside the pores will hopefully clear away without any trace and you’re left with incredibly clean and clear skin.

If you are looking for a natural face mask, here’s a couple of my go-to face mask recipes:

Cup of Java Coffee Face Mask

Heavenly Manuka Honey Face Mask

Simple Hibiscus Face Mask

I created a clay mask assortment pack, which features 4 popular types of clay so you can try them all! The clay multi pack includes bentonite clay, rhassoul clay, french green clay, and kaolin clay.

4 Mistakes you are probably making in the shower

A hot bath or shower is that relaxing part of your routine when you have the time and privacy to pamper yourself. Unwind your muscles, pull out those exfoliators and scrub the entire day off.

Just be careful to avoid some mistakes especially if you are prone to break outs. These include:

1. Mistake #1: Water temperature on the extreme side.

Too cold or too hot water can be damaging your skin and hair. Make sure the water is just a bit on the warmer side.

2. Mistake #2: harsh exfoliators.

Your exfoliators should not punish your skin, harsh scrubs can cause micro abrasions in your skin and can result in break outs.  You also should not be exfoliating only 1 to 2 times a week, not daily.

3. Mistake #3: ditch the chemicals.

Try to use shampoo and conditioners that are free of parabens, sulphates and other aggressive chemicals. They not only dry out your hair but also affect your skin.

4. Mistake #4: Ditch the loofah.

Replace your loofahs on a regular basis. If you use one for a longer time it will become a breeding ground for bacteria which is obviously bad news for your skin.  Try this long nylon towel instead.

A nice warm bath at night is the best way to unwind the entire day. It is also the perfect time to cleanse and detoxify your skin, unclog those pores and be ready for a relaxing night’s sleep.

A clay mask after shower will effectively clear up all the gunk from your skin and along with the tightening effect will make your pores appear smaller and cleaner.

This was one of the top questions we get in our 34 clay mask FAQ’s series.

Disclaimer: Our content does not constitute a dermatologist or medical advice.


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