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How to Remove a Face Mask

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I hope you guys have noticed, we’re kind of obsessed with face masks over here. My skincare routine is very simple I do not like to overload my skin with a dozen different steps which I’m not even sure actually work or not.

I just stick to the ones I know will not let me down and you’ve guessed it right, face masks are an irreplaceable part of my life now.

Yesterday, I dived into the techniques of how to apply a face mask.  So today we are going to go over the opposite, techniques for how to remove 6 different types of face mask.

At a glance,

What are the ways that you can remove a face mask?

There are 3 basic ways to remove a face mask: by water, by a wash cloth or by using facial cleansing brush.

For sensitive skin, how should you remove a face mask?

Using water is the gentlest way of removing a mask which causes no irritation and is suitable for someone with sensitive skin.

I have oily or normal skin, how should I remove a face mask?

Using a washcloth or a brush is more aggressive but it gives you an extra benefit of exfoliation. This method is best for people with normal to oily skin or with masks which are more difficult to remove with just water.

Face masks can provide nourishment, hydration and rejuvenation to tired looking skin while also working to cleanse and detoxify the skin of excessive product buildup and oil for an all over glow up.

It is important for us to understand the correct method of application of each type of mask, how long to keep it on and what is the best way to remove it. This way we can get the most out of our skincare routine even if it is as simple as mine.

How to Remove a Face Mask 1

3 techniques to remove a face mask:

1. Water

This admittedly can get a little messy splashing water on your face.  Warm water is the simplest way to remove a face mask. 

I’m sure this goes without saying, but always wash your hands with soap and water. 

2. Face Towel

The easiest way to remove a face mask.  And I’ll share with you my favorite trick.

With a warm face towel, apply the face towel to the skin for about 10 seconds and then wipe off.  This avoids a harsh rubbing motion and you will find the mask easily wipes off.

MYTH: You must rub or moisturize in upwards motions. Your skin elasticity and collagen don’t know which way you are rubbing. 

In fact, this study indicates you should apply your moisturizer lightly along the direction of your hair follicles.

3. Brush

Another way to remove a face mask is with a brush.  Run the brush under water and massage your skin to remove the mask.

How to Remove a Face Mask 3

The most popular brush is clarisonic with a brush head, foreo silicone brush or a simple manual silicone brush.

At first I thought a brush would not work for removing your mask.  But it does and it makes it so easy.  Here’s a youtube video from clarisonic.

Let’s discuss the best way to remove different types of face masks either with water, a washcloth or a brush.

How to Remove a Face Mask 4

How to Remove Clay Masks

**The removal instructions are the same for both clay and mud masks.

If you have oily greasy skin, large open pores and are prone to acne then you absolutely need a clay mask around. Especially in hot and humid climate they help deep clean your skin, clear out pores and prevent clogging and acne.

Clay masks can be difficult to remove but only if you’re using them incorrectly. This is a common mistake many of us make, we let our clay mask completely dry out either intentionally or you just get distracted and it hardens up.

You might be using your face mask incorrectly.  Never let your face mask completely dry.

A dried out clay mask is a pain to remove if you’re following the correct method of clay masking.  Then you can just take a clean washcloth and dampen it up with some warm water.

Place the wash cloth on your face and let your skin soak up the heat.  Use gentle wiping motion to remove the clay mask from your face.  Repeat until all the face mask is removed.

How to Remove a Face Mask 5

How to Remove Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have become so popular not only because they are extremely nourishing but also because they are so easy to use and require next to no learning curve.

Just like clay masks, do not let your sheet mask dry out.

Once the essence is dry, the sheet starts to suck out moisture from your skin which is exactly opposite of what you want from your sheet mask. The recommended time is 20 minutes after which you just pull the sheet off your face while it is still moist.

The serum/essence left behind does not need rinsing, simply rub it in using your fingers and follow up with your other steps.

Do you use recycled bags for your grocery shopping? Using a sheet mask is like using plastic bags at the grocery store. Each mask is wrapped in an unnecessary amount of packaging for the environment.

How to Remove a Face Mask 6

How to Remove a Peel Off Mask

Why is peeling stuff of your skin so satisfying? Skincare companies are creating products soley for the short term visual effect.  Becuase it is so satisfying to see that gunk ripped from your pores stuck to the sheet.

Many dermatologists have spoken out against peel off masks and suggest they cause damage or remove the top layer of your skin.

So if you haven’t applied this mask yet, stop right now.

If you are contemplating one of those DIY peel off masks from pinterest with elmers glue, don’t even think about it.

Peel off masks also can remove facial hair. While the peach fuzz on my face are not my best friends, I can’t imagine it’s going to be fun to rip them out. No thanks! This video just looked painful and she ended up loosing one of her eyebrows.

If you have already taken the plunge.  When removing a peel off mask, make sure it is completely dry or else you will not be able to peel it off in once piece.

Once dry to touch, start peeling, that’s the good part, begin from your sides, roll your thumb along one of the edges and pull the mask inwards. This is a good way to make sure all the surface blackheads are pulled out.  Do make sure to hold your skin taught while peeling.

How to Remove a Face Mask 7

How to Remove a Cream Mask

Cream masks are extremely hydrating and are the best choice for dry and sensitive skin types. They provide moisture to the skin and help repair barrier function of the skin.

The thick paste like consistency of cream masks can be difficult to wash off at times. It’s best to follow product label instructions on how long to keep the mask on for. Then when it’s time to remove, dampen a wash cloth with warm water and gently wipe the cream off the face.

How to Remove an Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is activated when it is treated with heat and hot gases to remove previously absorbed substances and reduce its particle size.

Masks made with activated charcoal work on similar principles as a clay mask with negatively charged particles grabbing and removing positively charged dirt from the pores.

You apply this kind of mask with your fingers in rubbing motion to get some exfoliation going. Wait for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. Alternatively, you can also use a soft cleansing brush to take the mask off.

Pat dry and remember to moisturize after your mask because these kind of masks can be drying.

If you have purchased activated charcoal and applied direct, it might be a bit alarming your first attempt. For me, the charcoal stayed in my pores, so I quickly jumped in the shower to do a more thorough cleanse.  I’m not willing to repeat this experiment so I now only add charcoal to a bentonite mask.

How to Remove a Sleep Mask

Sleep masks (also called sleep packs) are a great way to intensively hydrate your skin over-night. They are used once or twice a week in place of a night cream. Sleep masks are not supposed to feel sticky or greasy all night but they should be absorbed into your skin instantly.

They are great for dry skin and if you love waking up to plumped, soft and moisturized skin.

Another great thing about sleep masks is that they don’t require special removing process but you just carry on with your regular morning routine as usual.

How to Remove a Face Mask 8

With the tremendous variety of face masks present in our department stores you can get the idea that they are very popular these days and its time you should get on the train too if you’re not already.

Obviously my favorite is clay masks, I sell a clay mask assortment pack on amazon that is both vegan and cruelty free.

It will only be a matter of time that you’re too obsessed with this wonderful habit just like we are!

Disclaimer: Our content does not constitute a dermatologist or medical advice. 


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