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How to Use Kaolin Clay for Skin Whitening

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Kaolin is one of my favorite go-to clay’s when a friend is trying a clay mask for the first time.  

It’s gentle.  Because it has little to no expansion capabilities that makes the mask a gentle experience. 

It’s the best choice of clay for those with sensitive skin. 

Kaolin clay is also referred to as “white clay” from it’s pure white appearance. 

Because it is pure white, there is also the consensus that this white clay is also whitening. 

I often get asked, “how do I use kaolin clay for skin whitening?”

While I have done extensive travel around the world, I have learned that having lighter skin is highly sought after. Hence the creation of whitening snail cream. 

I don’t recommend using any whitening product on your skin, as they are most likely full of chemicals. 

So let’s explore how to use kaolin clay for skin whitening and if it even works. 

In summary

What is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin clay, most commonly known as white clay, is a mineral rich clay that’s also the most common cosmetic clay.  Kaolin can be found in white, pink, yellow or red hues.

Does Kaolin Clay whiten my skin?

Despite the fact that Kaolin clay is white, it does not whiten your skin. Kaolin contains no bleaching or whitening effects. With regular use, Kaolin can help brighten your skin by reduces inflammation, increase circulation, and absorbing excess oil.

What is the difference between lightening and brightening?

Skin whitening refers to the use of cosmetics and artificial products to whiten the darker areas of skin. Whereas, brightening refers to increasing the glow of the skin, no matter whichever skin color you have.

What is kaolin clay?

So, what exactly is Kaolin Clay?

Mined in different places of the world, you will find kaolin in many different colors.  White clay, Pink clay, yellow clay and red clay are all often from the kaolinite family.

Most commonly white, Kaolin clay has become an indispensable part of the beauty industry, especially skincare.

The clay is created from chemical weathering of rocks, often in humid climates over hundreds of thousands to millions of years[1].

It’s often known as the most gentle clay type of clay because it doesn’t expand with the addition of liquid.  That makes it very gentle for those with sensitive skin.

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how do clay masks clear pores

What are the Kaolin Clay benefits?

Clay is often referred to as clay of 1000 uses.  Clay is used in so many ways.

Just a couple of my favorite ways to use Kaolin Clay include: 

  • face mask 
  • bath bombs
  • facial cleanser
  • hair mask
  • dry shampoo
  • diaper cream
  • powder foundation
  • after bath powder

The most popular way to use kaolin clay is in a face mask. As a mask, just some of the benefits are: 

  • absorbs excess oil and shine
  • fight acne and breakouts by absorbing impurities from your skin.
  • kaolin contains minerals that don’t fully absorb giving it a gentle exfoliation
  • cleanse skin as a non-soap method by detoxing chemicals and heavy metals

You can read much more about the benefits of kaolin clay or the science of how clay actually works on your skin.

    Does Kaolin Whiten your skin?

    I often get asked the question, “will kaolin clay whiten the skin?”

    Don’t let the pure white appearance of Kaolin Clay fool you. 

    Just because the clay is white, doesn’t mean that it will whiten your skin. 

    In turn, just because french green clay is green doesn’t mean it will turn your face green. 

    Let’s cut through the “internet claims” and bust this myth.

    MYTH: Kaolin clay whitens the skin

    There is no evidence or research to support the whitening effect of kaolin clay. 

    I also have a story to add. One time I spilled a bag of my precious kaolin clay all over my hardwood floor. I did a very quick clean.  The next morning I could tell the hardwood was whiter where I had spilled because I hadn’t done an adequate job cleaning off the clay. If you happen to see youtube videos claiming that kaolin clay whitens your skin, this is a similar to what happens.  The clay will leave a whiter residue if not fully washed off.

    However, when making kaolin clay a part of your skin care routine either by cleansing or face masks, your skin might see some brightening benefits.  

    Whitening VS Brightening

    What is the basic difference between skin whitening and skin brightening?

    Skin whitening refers to the use of cosmetics and artificial products to whiten the darker areas of skin.

    Pictures that you see like these below are all over the internet are a result of skin bleaching.  Without skin bleaching, pictures like these are only the result of photoshop.

    How to Use Kaolin Clay for Skin Whitening 1

    It can be very dangerous in the long run as this process strips the skin of melanin (which protects the skin from radiations and UV exposure). Reducing the concentration of melanin just to whiten your skin is not a good thing to do.

    Brightening refers to increasing the glow of the skin, no matter whichever skin color you have.

    We believe that every skin color is beautiful and you don’t need to whiten your skin for looking gorgeous. 

    Inflammation and redness can affect your skin tone considerably.  By reducing inflammation, improving skin circulation, getting rid of excess oil and reducing acne breakouts you will notice your skin will appear brighter.

    Skin brightening is not a technique per se, but really a result of reducing inflammation, balancing skin tone and healing your skin.

    Vitamins and antioxidants play a huge role in helping your skin to repair and fight damage from free radicals. 

    Kaolin clay can also help with brightening as with continued use it will absorb excess oil, aid with skin circulation and reduce inflammation.

    So, skin brightening is always better than skin whitening.

    In summary,

    Dull skin can be a result of improper skin care, not drinking enough water, too much alcohol, not getting enough sleep, poor nutrition or build up of impurities on your skin.  

    Proper skincare is also just as important for bright, glowing skin.

    Ditch the chemicals, and reach for a natural skincare product without the nasties.

    If you haven’t yet incorporated Kaolin Clay into your skincare routine, Kaolin is one of 4 types of clay in our clay mask assortment pack. Here’s some simple kaolin clay mask recipes to start with:

    And no, kaolin will not whiten your skin just because it’s white clay.  Sorry to be the myth busters.   

    Disclaimer: Our content does not constitute a dermatologist or medical advice.

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