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Can a Clay Mask remove Blackheads?

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I love summer a lot. Life is easier when you’re not freezing and irritated all the time. But I do not love what summer does to my skin.

Having less oily skin is the only thing I like about winters to be honest. During the hot weather, my skin is an oil tycoon.

Not that fun if you ask me.

If I’m not aggressively caring for my skin I cannot go about 30 minutes without becoming an oily mess.

Heavy sebum production means clogged up pores. Hello acne and blackheads!

This is something I deal with for the entirety of summer. Over time I have searched far and wide for natural ways to deal with my situation.  

I can’t rely on expensive chemical filled products as they can cause more damage in the long run.

In summary

What are blackheads?

Also called “blocked comedones” are clogged up facial pores. Pores can get blocked by oil, dirt or dead skin cells. The blockage turns black on exposure to air and appears as a black head.

Can you remove blackheads? 

Can we remove blackheads? Although we can’t get rid of the pore itself, we can keep them clean so they won’t get clogged. Regular deep cleaning, exfoliation and controlling oil is a great way to keep blackheads away.  If you are stuck with blackheads, there are 2 techniques to physically remove blackheads.

Can a clay mask remove blackheads?

No, clays are powerful absorbents but they cannot remove an existing blackhead. They can suck out all the dirt, oil and dead skin cells blocking the pore. They also keep oil production under control. Regular use of clay masks detoxifies our skin and keeps our pores clean that prevents blackheads. 

I always come back to Clays for almost all my skin concerns. Along with other products clay masks help me the most in dealing oily skin and blackheads.

We should understand what blackheads are and how they occur. Once we do that, it’s very easy to see how clays can be an amazing solution.

What are Skin Pores?

A facial pore is a benign anatomical part of our skin. It is a depression which houses the opening of either our sweat gland or oil producing “sebaceous” glands.

These pores are the root cause of many of our skin problems. But their importance cannot be undermined. They keep our skin hydrated and prevents over heating by producing sweat.

A pore becomes “enlarged” when it is over active. As the structure produces more oil it expands to hold the extra volume. This brings out the appearance of large pores.  *Link to large pores

According to research the 3 main causes of enlarged pores include:

  1. Excessive sebum
  2. Low elasticity of surrounding skin
  3. High number of hair follicles

What are Blackheads?

Having blackheads is an extremely common skin concern for men and women off all ages.

A blackhead is a blocked facial pore. As the pore fills up with oil it starts to accumulate dirt and dead cell debris from its surroundings. All that gunk inside the pore also oxidizes and turns black in color.

This gives the particular appearance of a “blackhead”. These are more prevalent or parts of our skin which has the highest number of pores and oil glands. This is why we get blackheads more often on the nose. 

Is it possible to get rid of Blackheads?

Pores are a part of our skin’s anatomy so there is no way to get rid of them. But blackheads can be helped.

The cleaner our pores are and tighter the elasticity of the skin around the pore is, the less chance there is that they will get blocked by dirt.

4 ways to banish blackheads is;

1. Keeping the pores clean. Performing deep cleansing more often if your skin is exposed to pollution. If you’re someone who works in the field, dust particles can conveniently find their way into your pores.

2. Exfoliating. Chemical or physical exfoliation is extremely important. It peels off the layer of dead skin cells which can be a reason for blocked pores. Scrubs also help in physically removing the dirt blocking the pore. I love to combine my exfoliation with a clay mask with this recipe.

3. Control oil production. Blackheads and acne both are problems mostly dealt by people with increased sebum on their skin. Oil causes the pore to get clogged and accumulate dirt more easily.

4. Steaming before deep cleanse. Contrary to popular belief, steam does not cause the pore to “open”. But it does help loses up the debris clogging our pores. It makes our deep cleansing more efficient in removing the blackheads. We went much deeper into this topic with discussing if it’s better to do a mask before or after a shower.

Physical Methods to Remove Blackheads:

Blackheads can be removed physically in two ways;

1. Squeezing them out by pinching the pore using your fingers. This method may pull your blackheads out in emergency situations. But it can leave bruises behind.

2. Using a nasal strip. A sticky piece of paper is pressed onto the nose. The blackheads stick to the sheet and are plucked out with it. Beware though, using pore strips can cause spider veins or broken capillaries.

Can a Clay Mask remove Blackheads? 1

Does Clay Help with Blackheads?

Clay has been a part of our beauty regimen for thousands of years. Cleopatra was found to have used bentonite clay over 1,800 years ago. That’s where bentonite got the nickname, Aztec healing clay.

It is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory material which provides a number of benefits to our skin.

The most important and useful property of clay is its absorption. Clay, when activated contains negatively charged particles. It performs a process known as “cation exchange”. Here’s more on the science of how clay works.

Clay is applied to the skin in form of a paste. The negative ions then attract positive ions (particles like dirt and debris) from the skin. It tightly binds to those particles and is then washed away.

This way clay provides extreme detoxification of our pores. It pulls out dirt and debris from deep into our pores.

*Suggested: Get our facial clay mask assortment pack.

Regularly using a clay mask help keep our skin clean and fresh. It also control oil production and removes any buildup of product or makeup from our skin.

My fav DIY face masks for blackheads all have bentonite:

Bentonite and Apple Cider Vinegar

Turmeric Bentonite Face Mask

Cooling Lemon and Clay Mask

Anyone dealing with oily skin knows how difficult it is to get rid of the blackheads.

Luckily clay masks are perfect for dealing with this situation. They reduce oil production and prevent the formation of the blackheads.

Clays also help in removing them. The absorbing tendency of clays sucks out all the dirt and impurities from the pores.

Leaving behind fresh and cleans skin ready for the summer sunshine.

This question was part of my clay mask FAQ series.  Leave a comment below with any other question you might have.

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